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Agricoltura come scienza
Tutti gli scritti di Raffaello Lambruschini (1822-1873). I

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Raffaello Lambruschini (1788-1873) has been one of the most famous Italian pedagogues, but his production in the field of natural science is still largely unexplored. Known for having been at the center of the European debate around the crucial issues of the religious reform, the abbot of San Cerbone was also a fine student in agriculture, a science he examined in all its aspects and experienced concretely in the lands of Tuscany. The book proposes an original portrait of Lambruschini as a scientist, gathering for the first time all his writings on agricultural, technological and economical subjects. The result is an exceptional tool for studying and exploring Lambruschini’s scientific thought and cultural projects. The pages of this first volume tell us about the central role he had in the scientific community, national and international, highlighting the large number of relationships he was able to develop and the success of his proposals in many sectors of agricultural science.

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