Mario Graziano Parri

Mario Graziano Parri lived in Florence for a long period. At present, he lives between Rome and Tirli, in Maremma (Tuscany). He is a poet, narrator, and essayist. For many years he edited cultural services for radio broadcasts. In 1996, he founded the magazine «Caffè Michelangiolo», of which he is the managing director. This magazine gives voice to Italian and international young artists, as well as to classical literature, and is open to arts and cinema. His first books of poems are Vigilia d’armi, Ali di vetro, Poesia del silenzio, published between 1957 and 1967. These works were followed by other collections – characterized by order in form and by an uncommon intellectual refinement – such as Se parla la spiga d’estate (1981 premio Dino Campana), Questa è la rosa e qui danza (1982 premio Pisa), Codice occidentale (1983), La notte precedente il nostro futuro (1985 Circe-Sabaudia Award) and, after a long period of silence, Stella di guardia (2001 premio Giuseppe Giusti), which includes a collection of writings dating back to the period between 1996 and 2000. According to Maurizio Cucchi, this is one of his most meaningful works: “It is a fairly heterogeneous book, using different registers, in which Parri finds his personal style, a mild and conversational one, characterized by sober decorum. The most plausible model for his works is Montale, due to the presence of the objective correlative and irony, both making the writings capable of masking further implicit meanings. His works also hold the author’s awareness –an element that is always present in his narrative works–, towards certain aspects of the changing reality of our time. Another noteworthy production of this author is the collection of verses written with measured emotion in the memory of his wife”.
The play Addio, figliol prodigo, dates back to 1983, while the novel La signora del gioco was published the following year and was the subject of a seminary held at the University of Utrecht. In 1990, Mondadori published his novel Magenta Petrel, which, according to Michele Prisco, confirms «Parri [as] a writer of unique quality and difficult to classify». His essays and critical studies about Giuliotti, Campana, Prezzolini, Sanminiatelli, Holz, Schnitzler, Blixen and Beckett appeared on magazines or in volume form. Di gloria e di polvere. Poesie 1957-2007 was published in 2008.

by Mario Graziano Parri
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